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Jun 06

Export HTML code from phpmyadmin and Import to Excel

Exporting HTML from phpmyadmin is a big hassle. PhpMyAdmin doesn’t escape characters like “;” or “,” properly so when you try to open your CSV or “CSV for MS Excel” formatted documents in Excel, everything is cluttered and you have a huge mess. Here is what you should do. On phpmyAdmin, you should choose a …

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Nov 29

WordPress gets hacked over and over with eval(base64_decode) code

My websites were getting hacked every 30 minutes or so and when I checked the source code, I kept finding these codes added (below). When I delved more into it, I found out the hackers were using a disabled theme on my blog called: Twenty Eleven 1.2 by the WordPress team Twenty Ten 1.2 by …

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Oct 09

OpenSSH Windows Known_hosts Problem and SSH-Keygen work around

I have been trying to fix this error: Could not create directory ‘/home/xxx/.ssh’. The authenticity of host can’t be established. Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/home/xxx/.ssh/known_hosts) It is very annoying to type in Yes everytime trying to connect to a server so I decided to do some research but …

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Jul 22

PayPal Chargeback Process – Time

Please beware, this is true story… I sold something using PayPal about 4 months ago. It was our mistake that we had shipped the wrong product to the customer. After we received complaints, we requested proof (photo in this case) and tried to work with customer. He/She didn’t feel secure with the transaction and opened …

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May 27

Lady Gaga without Make up

lady gaga without makeup

This is a technology blog so please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to turn into TMZ or ABC but this girl (Lady Gaga) has been such an enourmous media package, it is unbelievable. After Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, they needed some crazy-sociopath-physco edge girl and looks like they had it right there …

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