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Oct 24

OpenSSH Error 1067:The process terminated unexpectedly

After awhile I tried to start OpenSSH service on my laptop and I ended up getting these errors each time I tried to start the service: “Could not start the OpenSSH Server service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.” I added the details of the errors I experienced. Solution: The main problem …

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Oct 22

Brother BrLog Printer Service Errors/Warnings

I have been seeing tons of these Errors and Warnings in Event Viewer logs under Application section. I assumed this was a result of remote desktop connections with “printer sharing” enabled and I didn’t bother to look at around. Once I did some research about this issue, I realized the issue was related to “Windows …

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Jul 12

How to Tar –EXCLUDE directories

I would like to transfer from one hosting (Mediatemple) to another (Resellerzoom) (both of them were doing superb job for 2 years btw) but I don’t want to transfer some of the old files. I tried most of tar –exclude combinations I could find on the forums but they did not work. One of them …

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May 17

JAJAH Review

I was looking for a good value phone company on internet to call my home country and JAJAH’s pricing looked very competitive among others and when I made my first trial (free) call, the voice quality was pretty good. I decided to open an account and added $10 credit to my account. JAJAH Review Here …

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Apr 27

Exchange 2007 VHD Default Password

I looked everywhere to find Exchange 2007 VHD default password but no luck. If you had downloaded Exchange 2007 with Windows 2003 and you are trying to login, you will get a screen with following inputs, fill out the way I have givenbelow: Username: Administrator Password:  Evaluation1 Log on to: LITWAREINC Package details for Exchange …

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