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Feb 22

Stop Google Update Software


Google Update software is used to keep Google based applications up-to-date on your system. Google Update keeps track of downloaded softwares (Google Toolbar, Google Earth etc.) and as soon as there is download available, it downloads the update by default. If you are also getting tired of seeing GoogleUpdate.exe running in Windows Task Manager, you …

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Feb 18

Getting Hardware Info on Linux

When you are trying to get hardware details for Linux machines, it seems very challenging at first but you have variety options and it is quiet easy. Some includes using custom scripts and existing resource folders(ex: dmesg, /proc) or by some applications like hwinfo and lshw. In this article we will mention about different methods …

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Feb 18

Google Better Business Bureau and Adsense Payments

Search engine giant Google is having very hard time with keeping up with Better Business Bureau. There are lots of complaints about Google Adsense payment practices which is affecting many web publisher. Google Adsense Support team is terribly lacking of replying to messages or solving the issues for webmasters. The forum opened for Google Adsense …

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Feb 09

Console (TTY) Resolution on Ubuntu Linux boxes

Ubuntu installations come with 640 x 480 default config on console or TTY (Teleprinter/Teletype/Teletypewriter). To change that config to something readable: – You need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst – To the end there are lines: title Ubuntu 8.04.2, kernel 2.6.24-23 server …. …. kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.24-23… at the end of kernel /vmlinuz line we need to a …

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Jan 05

What is Megaphone Desktop Tool?

Megaphone Desktop Tool is one of a kind tool that used mainly to support Israel and Jewish based online media attacks. This application is used by Jewish students and youth around the world to support Israel and attack critics of Israel in real time using online social bookmarking and comment pages. Although social bookmarking sites …

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