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Apr 22

Multiple Session for Remote Desktop on Windows XP

I consider Remote Desktop (RDP) as one of the best application that Microsoft could make in his 20 years history. This might sound radical but with the features and time savings that RDP is providing, Remote Desktop deserves it. It is predecessor of terminal Service in Windows 2000 which used to be charged per client basis. With Windows XP …

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Feb 19

How to restart SSH server on Solaris?

Once you make any change for sshd_config file which is located under /etc/ssh/ or any kind of need to restart SSH server on Solaris, you can use this: cd /etc/init.d/ ./sshd restart This will restart SSH server without corrupting your session.

Jan 28

Social Media Crime Blotter: Suicide Edition


I’ll let you cue the M*A*S*H theme song in your head while we talk about the string of suicides that took place this week in the United Kingdom. There really are few things more sad or bizarre than a string of youth suicides – aside from the way the press and political organizations in the …

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Jan 30

Solaris – Disk Repartitioning

Yesterday, I had to do some Raid-1 configuration for Sun V490s. One problem was harddisks were already formatted and partitioned but in order to make Raid-1 configuration work on all servers (x4) , I had to repartition them first then make mirror configuration. What I found out at the end is that solaris disk repartitioning …

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Mar 16

Google Adsense Phone Call Verification

While I was looking at my Google Adsense profile, I saw a message box saying ‘TIP Is your phone number correct? Please visit the account settings page and make any necessary updates to ensure that you can be reached at the phone number associated with your account. ‘ I realised the phone number in my …

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