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Sep 29

XCache Best Settings

XCache is one of many opcode cachers that are available for PHP. There are many articles for nginx, apache, php and mysql best settings but I could not find one for XCache while I was struggling with configurations and I decided to put together this post. I am assuming you already have XCache installed and …

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Sep 18

Hacked Joomla website

I found out of one my friend’s joomla site was hacked and hidden links were embedded into his website. It took me almost an hour to figure out where they had added the code. It started with finding out template change that they could hide links from us. templates/rt_maelstrom/css/template.css:#rt-lm {display-none;} templates/rt_maelstrom/css/template.css:#rt-lm{position: absolute; top: 0px; left: …

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Nov 29

WordPress gets hacked over and over with eval(base64_decode) code

My websites were getting hacked every 30 minutes or so and when I checked the source code, I kept finding these codes added (below). When I delved more into it, I found out the hackers were using a disabled theme on my blog called: Twenty Eleven 1.2 by the WordPress team Twenty Ten 1.2 by …

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