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Apr 17

Gmail IMAP/HTTP Down

Gmail went down roughly 15 minutes ago (7:15 Central time on 04/17/13). When accessed from web interface, it gives the error message “Server error”. When accessed from Outlook, it pops up the username and password window then disconnects from server. There are 150 reports on and twitter is full of people starting day with people complaining …

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Feb 22

Stop Google Update Software


Google Update software is used to keep Google based applications up-to-date on your system. Google Update keeps track of downloaded softwares (Google Toolbar, Google Earth etc.) and as soon as there is download available, it downloads the update by default. If you are also getting tired of seeing GoogleUpdate.exe running in Windows Task Manager, you …

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Feb 18

Google Better Business Bureau and Adsense Payments

Search engine giant Google is having very hard time with keeping up with Better Business Bureau. There are lots of complaints about Google Adsense payment practices which is affecting many web publisher. Google Adsense Support team is terribly lacking of replying to messages or solving the issues for webmasters. The forum opened for Google Adsense …

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Dec 17

Google Chrome Reviews


I was reading Matt Cutts blog about Google Chrome. He is the public face of Google and has been doing great job keeping it that way. This blog (Ten things I don’t like about Google Chrome) was a good proof of that. After reading his blog and seeing comments, I wanted to add my negative …

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Mar 16

Google Adsense Phone Call Verification

While I was looking at my Google Adsense profile, I saw a message box saying ‘TIP Is your phone number correct? Please visit the account settings page and make any necessary updates to ensure that you can be reached at the phone number associated with your account. ‘ I realised the phone number in my …

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