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Dec 11

Solution for Schannel Event ID:36888 VPN Problems

I have been experiencing issues when I use VPN. It started occuring after installing latest Windows Updates. So what happens was, as soon as I get on VPN, although I can ping public servers and even use telnet/ftp etc. to get information, surfing web pages was not possible. After going through series of troubleshooting, I …

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Jun 06

Export HTML code from phpmyadmin and Import to Excel

Exporting HTML from phpmyadmin is a big hassle. PhpMyAdmin doesn’t escape characters like “;” or “,” properly so when you try to open your CSV or “CSV for MS Excel” formatted documents in Excel, everything is cluttered and you have a huge mess. Here is what you should do. On phpmyAdmin, you should choose a …

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Oct 09

OpenSSH Windows Known_hosts Problem and SSH-Keygen work around

I have been trying to fix this error: Could not create directory ‘/home/xxx/.ssh’. The authenticity of host can’t be established. Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/home/xxx/.ssh/known_hosts) It is very annoying to type in Yes everytime trying to connect to a server so I decided to do some research but …

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Oct 24

OpenSSH Error 1067:The process terminated unexpectedly

After awhile I tried to start OpenSSH service on my laptop and I ended up getting these errors each time I tried to start the service: “Could not start the OpenSSH Server service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.” I added the details of the errors I experienced. Solution: The main problem …

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Oct 22

Brother BrLog Printer Service Errors/Warnings

I have been seeing tons of these Errors and Warnings in Event Viewer logs under Application section. I assumed this was a result of remote desktop connections with “printer sharing” enabled and I didn’t bother to look at around. Once I did some research about this issue, I realized the issue was related to “Windows …

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