Jun 06

Export HTML code from phpmyadmin and Import to Excel

Exporting HTML from phpmyadmin is a big hassle. PhpMyAdmin doesn’t escape characters like “;” or “,” properly so when you try to open your CSV or “CSV for MS Excel” formatted documents in Excel, everything is cluttered and you have a huge mess.

Here is what you should do.

On phpmyAdmin, you should choose a very distinctive column separator, in my example:

Columns separated with: ######

In order to prevent new line characters mess up your Excel view, you should:

Remove carriage return/line feed characters (should be checked)

Now you can download your document. You should open it in a Text Editor, I used Notepad+:

1-Replace all \t (tab) characters with space ( )
2-Replace ###### with \t

When you open this document in Excel, now all your columns fit perfectly.

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