Dec 17

Google Chrome Reviews

I was reading Matt Cutts blog about Google Chrome. He is the public face of Google and has been doing great job keeping it that way. This blog (Ten things I don’t like about Google Chrome) was a good proof of that.

After reading his blog and seeing comments, I wanted to add my negative views about Chrome:

Google Chrome might claim memory usage improved. I normally work with over 10 tabs at a time and when I open Google Chrome with 17 tabs (right now) it is using:
Pysical Memory: 385 MB
Virtual Memory: 430 MB


This is a real life usage of Chrome and total memory of 815 MB / 17 = 50 MB per page doesn’t really look optimum to me.

I recently optimized Firefox 2, applied the tweaks offered on websites. It started doing great job. I have all the toolbars and addons that give me great flexibility as well. Even Maxthon is far better then this memory usage. I say “even Maxthon” because it is based on Internet Explorer 6 and we know how extravagant Microsoft when it comes to memory and disk usage.

Seeing I was able to improve a lot with Firefox 2, another question comes to mind, why act arrogant and start a brand new project, make a new department and hire lot of engineers while you can be great help to improve Firefox? an ON-GOING, OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM…

-Chrome uses lot of disk space for caching. All the images on ‘Most visited’ page is stored in BMP format (or somewhere close that) each of those screenshots take about 1 Mbyte. After I used couple of days, when I checked cache disk usage it was almost 1 Gbyte.

I had cleaned Chrome folder and just fired up after I saw this thread:

12/11/2008 11:34 PM 25,989,120 History Index 2008-10
12/11/2008 11:15 PM 16,547,840 History Index 2008-11
12/11/2008 11:46 PM 2,600,960 History Index 2008-12
12/17/2008 11:27 AM 444,256 History Index 2008-12-journal

12/17/2008 11:27 AM 30,412,800 Thumbnails

I couldn’t find any place to change Cache settings so I am stuck with Google Chrome’s high disk usage.

-URL section is TERRIBLE. It might be a strategic idea for Google to combine URL section with Google Search Engine as default and capture more data from users. I changed that to just use history but even that when I try to find ‘typed url’ it takes forever because I have to delve into all my historical crap and find the one I’m looking for.

-Another bad thick with URL section is that if you type something wrong, it remains there. You are stuck with that thereafter, you can’t remove it, clean it but have to live it till it gets overwritten.

I haven’t found any good addons for Google Chrome that will help my browsing experience. So far best part of Google Chrome is rendering speed. It has been doing great job with Ajax based javascript heavy loaded websites.

So final word is Google Chrome has achieved to get %2-3 of web browser portion in very short time but still lots to go and I am very reluctant to use unless above issues get fixed in new releases.

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