Jun 22

GTalk (Google Talk) Invisible

Gtalk, Google’s best shot in IM market. It’s been fairly successful although Yahoo’s Y! and Microsoft’s MSN is beating in most of the parts. As a Gtalk user, I’ve been looking for solutions to log in as invisible and keep my privacy against people whom I don’t want to talk at the time. Gtalk itself does not include Invisible option while you can break the rules in couple of different ways.

1- Gtalk is Jabber based IM tool. Although Gtalk supports invisible mode on server side, Gtalk team did not include this function on client side which all of us are using. If you’d like to get that option that you will need to go back to Gtalk’s ancestors which is Jabber client. Some says “use Jabber client instead of crappy Google Talk client.” So you have the option of using PSI or Pidgin (originally gaim). You can download those clients from:
PSI: http://psi-im.org/
Pidgin: http://www.pidgin.im/

Check out the video for PSI below:

Invisible In Gtalk!!!Click here for another funny movie.

2- Invisible mod from GMail interface:
This one is very simple but not useful with Gtalk. In order to login as invisible to Gtalk, you should log out from Gtalk client application and log in to the Gmail account, and choose invisible mode from the chat window on the left. You can find invisible option from the list where you change your status message.

Good luck 🙂

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