May 17

JAJAH Review

I was looking for a good value phone company on internet to call my home country and JAJAH’s pricing looked very competitive among others and when I made my first trial (free) call, the voice quality was pretty good. I decided to open an account and added $10 credit to my account.

JAJAH Review

Here is what happened afterwards:

  1. JAJAH constantly charges me for the times that even though they have not connected me to other party. From $10, I wasted about $3-4 for missed and not-connected calls. Imagine you are calling somebody 15 cents/minute and right after you are connected to your jajah account, it takes 15 cents from your account. If it rings on the other party and they do not answer the phone (include the time to connect to jajah + jajah makes call to other party + rings on other party) and you end up being charged for 30 cents. Imagine you repeated this once every hour to reach to your friend and after 3 hours, you already spent $1 for zero talk.When I contacted the technical support, they apologized an gave me credit for my lost minutes.

    Dear JAJAH user,

    We thank you for your email.

    Whenever there is an actual phone involved (which is always the case when making a JAJAH call) a call termination cost occurs. In those cases JAJAH may bill you for the first minute of calls that cannot be completed at our low rates. The reason for this is charges by the carrier, which JAJAH is unable to subsidize.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and as a courtesy we’ve credited you for these calls.

    JAJAH Support Team

    I said to myself, these guys have at least good customer service (unlike cheap services like Voipbuster, VoipRaider etc.) I was happy to continue their service but was the issue resolved? NO! I lost couple of dollars after that.

    JAJAH Forum shows others who suffered from the same problem:

    My friend called me few minutes later and told me that Jajah charged his account and 1 of his employees’ account for a phonecalls that were never completed. To be more precise, whenever they called a busy number and hang up their phone, they were charged!!!!
    I tried it myself, calling my “busy” mobile number.. When I heard the busy tone, I hang up the phone and was surprised to see that I was charged with 17 seconds/0.179 euros!!!

    Please note that calls that are not connected or answered will be charged a minimum of one minute at JAJAH’s regular low rates.

    Calls that are busy or not answered are automatically connected to our scheduling service. This feature is provided as a service to our users when the destination number can not be reached. In such cases, the user has the ability to reschedule the call for a later time. These calls will be charged by the minute at JAJAH’s regular low rates.

    JAJAH Support Team

    I’ve been using Jajah for over a year now and I won’t be using their service anymore. Last night, they charged my account $15 CAD without my consent. I’ve been using Jajah for over a year and was rather satisfied until lately.

    And last night, they just charged me $15 CAD without my consent. They never charged me without my consent before I never allowed them to automatically bill me.

    Jajah, please stop this shady practice. You used to be good, why ruin it now?

    If a customer service ever wanders this board, please help me. I never allow automatic billing/refill/topup; how come you charged me without my authorization. I felt robbed.

    I am truly amazed! Do you really mean that if I’m trying to call a company’s line that is usually busy, for every effort to talk to them I will be charged with 1 minute??? If I try to call them 10 times and the line is still busy, I will pay for 10 a minutes call even if I was never connected??
    Is this rational? Or even ethical?

  2. JAJAH can not connect me to some of the big carriers. My wife went back to my home country and since I did not add any funds to my other VoIP accounts (except JAJAH ) I was helpless and each time I had to reach her, I had to use JAJAH in a rush. However, it failed me relentlessly everytime I tried. Each time I entered her mobile number, JAJAH gives me: Please enter a valid destination number. I tried over and over tirelessly but nope. It is not me or the number I am trying to call, it is JAJAH. Imagine, you have a loved one that you need to reach in an emergency case, you can’t reach her but you need to call the phonebook to reach her.

     Please enter a valid destination number.

  3. JAJAH “Pre-Call Advertising”: To me, it is just another rip off. When I signed up and opened my account, I realized they are offering this pre-call advertising option. I was like ‘waaw GOOD DEAL’, imagine you are being paid for listening couple of ads for 15-20 sec. before making phone calls. I said, it is no big deal if it saves couple of cents. But it turned out that I was wrong about my judgement.-It takes about 15-20 seconds to listen to advertising with `JAJAH is bringing you TigerDirect ……` goes like that. Once you finish listening, you think you caught the cents NOPE, you need to click on the ADs on their website.-While you are listening to ads, the clock is ticking. So in the end, instead of paying 1 minute zero talk time phone call, you are paying 2 minutes zero talk time phone call.JAJAH “Pre-Call Advertising” quote:

    Want to save even more? JAJAH gives you a chance to earn free credit for each call you make. While we are connecting your call, you can choose to listen to a brief advertisement and be rewarded with free credit. Every month, JAJAH will credit your account based on how many advertisements you have heard.

  4. JAJAH Local Direct numbers are problematic. their local direct numbers do not work. When I call their 214 direct local number, it tells me, ‘if you are making long distance call, please dial 011’ , I tried all the combinations that I normally can do from any home phone. It seems like it is working at first and says ‘JAJAH is connecting your call’ then a busy dial tone instantly. I tried several times thinking the other party was busy, guess what happened? I lost 15 cents for each trial. When I talk to my brother over IM, he told me, he did not use his cellphone since morning on that day. I ended up loosing about $1 for that too.
  5. Last but not least, recently I started hearing a constant noise when I am making phone calls and the voice quality got far worse then my first trial phone call.

I have about 40 cents left in my account from $10 and I have no further plans to add new funds to my account.

JAJAH VoIP Service

Matt Wilson

JAJAH is claiming to be very affordable but I found it very wrong when you consider the service as whole.

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