Nov 17

What is the best way to extract MP3 Length Duration in a directory? Windows

I recently had a task of identifying total duration of 1800 MP3 files in a folder. I used Powershell and other tools but I couldn’t get the most accurate information. Powershell only spits out “length” almost like Unix epoch time and now it is up to you to convert that into duration so it is dead end.

The solution is:
1- Install Winamp from http://winamp.meggamusic.co.uk/Winamp_Download.htm
2- Add all the MP3 files into Playlist.
3- At the bottom of the Playlist generator, you will see the total duration.
4- If you click on a MP3 file, you might lose the total duration. If that happens, select all in your playlist and it will automatically re-calculate.

That is it.

You can see attachment below:

Winamp Playlist Duration Calculator

Winamp Playlist Duration Calculator

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